A Few of My Favorite Paintings/Photos from 2019

A Few of My Favorite Paintings/Photos from 2019

Reaching for Heaven, Prancer, Ghosts in the Rocks
Hello everyone,

As 2019 draws to a close and a new decade begins, I thought I would share a few of my favorite paintings/photos from this past year. 

Garden of the Gods near Colorado Springs is one of the most beautiful National Landmark Parks to experience. The 300' towering sandstone rock formations against a backdrop of Pikes Peak and brilliant blue skies draws thousands of visitors every year. With only 336 parking spaces, sometimes the best way to view the formations is to take a slow drive through the park until a space opens up. I leaned out my car window and took this photo while waiting for traffic to move on a warm July day. It was the inspiration for "Reaching for Heaven," an oil painting on a 48" x 30" canvas, finished shortly after Bob passed in January. I will always cherish the time we spent together photographing this incredible landscape.

The painting of a Criollo was based on a reference photo by Missouri photographer Karen Broemmelsick. She has traveled the world photographing beautiful horses. This breed is well known as a working cow horse in Brazil, often seen in national rodeo competitions or polo matches. I surprised my granddaughter, whose father is Brazilian, with "Prancer", an oil painting on a 14" x 18" canvas as a birthday gift. She's also a avid rider.

Each painting was an engaging experience. One day, about halfway through a painting session, I began seeing faces in the rocks in this scene from Snow Canyon. Perhaps the slumbering giant with his hand coming over the edge had been rudely awakened by the piercing scream of a Copper's Hawk. Perhaps the centurion of the rocks staring out into the brilliant blue sky was just waiting for winter and a deep blanket of snow. As I stepped back from the canvas, the studio light caught the reflection of a grumpy old man peering out from the deep shadows in the red rock. "Ghosts in the Rocks" on a 36" x 24" canvas has a forever home, thanks to one of my wonderful collectors.

Trying to select my favorite photo of the year was a challenge. Bob's night photo of Citygarden with the pulsating jets of water shooting up from 102 nozzles arranged in a grid on a bluestone plaza received an amazing response from visitors to the web site, fb and instagram. I selected my sunset photo of the Three Angel Musicians in front of the Climatron at the Missouri Botanical Garden as it was taken on Friday, September 13, with the harvest moon. The number 13 has always been my lucky number.

Thank you all for the encouragement and thoughtful responses which have guided me through a very emotional year. I know 2020 will bring new challenges and new adventures. I'm looking forward to exploring the creative process with each new color on the palette and every brush stroke. My canvas is prepped and ready for the first sunrise. Stay tuned.

Wishing you good health, peace and happiness in the new year.
Betty Moore
Artist / Photographer
Night View of Splash Fountain at Citygarden
Heavenly Serenade
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