A Tribute to Monet's Waterlilies

Hello everyone,

As an artist, paintings by impressionist Claude Monet have been a source of inspiration for me since I was first introduced to his work as a kid in grade school. While helping my grandmother tend to her beautiful garden filled with roses, daisies, hollyhocks, iris and sweat peas, I often imagined how Monet's gardens looked through the seasons. 

Over the years, I have bought many books on Monet to learn more about his life and how he painted. It's not the same experience as viewing his work up close and personal. When visiting the Saint Louis Art Museum, I would head for the impressionists area just to see Monet's paintings. Immediately, I would get lost in the wonderful textures, colors and simplicity of the brush strokes on the canvas. 

My family also knows how much Monet means to me. So when I made plans to visit Denver hoping to see the ‘Claude Monet - The Truth of Nature’ Exhibit at the Denver Museum of Art, they jumped at the opportunity to join me. Within a couple of hours, we had our tickets to the only museum in the states to host this exhibit, featuring more than 120 paintings, many from private collections.

It was a thrilling experience last week to see the exhibit with seven of my eight sisters, along with one of my four brothers and his wife. My youngest sister even brought her fiance. It was even more exciting to see one of my sisters wearing a custom-designed blouse featuring my painting of waterlilies.

The ambitious exhibit included the very first painting by Monet and followed his career as he painted beaches & cities and his beloved garden in Giverny where he spent more than 40 years. The Museum’s presentation was exceptional and certainly worth a trip to Denver to view his artistic approach to nature. 

I am so grateful to have such wonderful siblings who took time out of their busy lives to spend an afternoon with me at an art museum. I will treasure the memories for a lifetime.

Betty Moore
Photographer / Artist
My sister, Mary, was wearing a blouse, "Waterlily Nymphs" - a tribute to Monet, from my collection of original designs through VIDA.