Fall Foliage at Japanese Garden

Fall Foliage at Japanese Garden



Hello everyone,

The brilliant displays of fall color are beginning to appear throughout the area. In St. Louis, the Japanese Garden at the Missouri Botanical Garden has been a source of inspiration for me to learn the art of photography and the subject of several oil paintings.

I loved taking long walks around the 14 acres with my late husband, stopping often to focus on taking photos of the carefully designed plantings, waterfalls, beaches and islands. He would tell me "shoot what you see and see what you shoot."

It took many visits and and lots of photos before I began to understand the meaning of that simple phrase. The serene landscape, beautiful in any season, is especially meaningful now as I seek to find harmony and peace in my life. Looking at this scene of a gentle breeze ruffling the reflections in the calm waters reminds me of moments and conversations I cherish.

I hope you enjoy exploring the collection of photos featuring landscapes and architecture in St. Louis. Perhaps it will inspire you to visit and explore all that this city has to offer. 

Betty Moore
Photographer / Artist