Green Spaces Reduce Stress

Green Spaces Reduce Stress
Footbridge in Tower Grove Park by Elizabeth (Betty) Moore
March 24, 2020

Science has proven being an “outsider” is one of the best things we can do for our health and well-being. In fact, studies prove that spending time in our green spaces reduces stress, improves memory, boosts heart health, and offers a host of other benefits for our minds and bodies.

The walking paths in Tower Grove Park, a municipal park in the City of St. Louis, are wonderful places to enjoy taking in nature. It was a favorite place to walk when my husband and I lived in the adjacent Shaw neighborhood.

The park encompasses 289 acres of land donated to the city by Henry Shaw in 1868. It's located near the Missouri Botanical Garden, another of Shaw's legacies. It features over 7,000 trees made up of 325 species, including a white mulberry planted by Shaw.

In any season, the park offers wonderful opportunities to explore its design, sculptures, ponds and architecture, including over 32 pavilions, most dating from the Victorian era.

St. Louis, like many communities, is on a "shelter in place" order for several weeks or longer due to the COVID-19. In these challenging times, it's so important to spend time in our green spaces and just breathe in the fresh air. So get outside and go for a walk. Listen to the birds. Watch the trees. Curl your toes in the grass (if it's warm where you are). But please keep a respectful six feet distance for your safety and those around you.

My hope is that these photos provide a source of inspiration and peace of mind. We're all in this together. Be safe and stay healthy. If I can help in any way to bring a bit of nature to your home or office, please let me know.


Elizabeth (Betty) Moore