Hold My Hand

Hold My Hand original oil painting by Elizabeth Moore

Several months ago, I received an email with a request from a mom (my niece) to memorialize a favorite photo of her young kids into a painting. It touched my heart when I learned why this photo was one to cherish now that her kids are college aged.

"This is a photo taken on a walk in Zion NP. The reason this photo is so special for me is that she, was always such an independent soul that she would NEVER let anyone help her or hold her hand, especially her big brother!

However in this moment she was unsure of what was around the corner and thus wanted her "big brother" to hold her hand.

It was so sweet.... it didn't last long, so I am glad I captured this moment!"

I was thrilled to honor her request. And then COVID-19 happened. Holding hands, hugs and being with loved ones became difficult if not impossible.

Working on this painting brought back memories of outings shared with my siblings. My four brothers reveled in teasing and fussing with all their eight sisters. We often struggled with having to "kiss and make up" or "hold their hand and say you're sorry". And yet, those are the moments I cherish the most.

This Saturday, I will be celebrating my seventy-third birthday with my twin brother (he's only five minutes older). Wow! Seems like only yesterday, we were just happy being kids exploring the world. We are celebrating the occasion virtually via zoom. Someday soon, I hope to be able to squeeze his hand and tell him how thankful I am he's still there to guide me along the path.

This painting, "Hold My Hand" is finally on the way to its forever home and loving family.

I would like to wish my daughters and all the moms "Happy Mother's Day". Stay well and stay safe.

Elizabeth (Betty) Moore