Inspiration Behind 'Shenandoah Grass' at the Urban Citygarden

Hello everyone,

Autumn is here. It's a new season, a new beginning. I'm so excited to introduce St. Louis Photos and Fine Art, a collection of photographs and original oil paintings featuring St. Louis architecture, attractions, parks and botanicals.

Today, I wanted to talk about my inspiration behind this photograph taken several years ago at Citygarden in downtown St. Louis. A brisk fall day provided wonderful opportunities to explore the urban sculpture garden. As I strolled along the paths admiring the newly installed sculpture, the sun suddenly broke through the clouds. The afternoon light added a beautiful glow to the reds and greens of the Shenandoah Grasses as they waved in a gentle breeze. It was a magical moment captured using a 100mm Macro lens to add even more depth to the blades of grass.

I hope you enjoy my work and explore the collection. Next time, I will add a few images and description of the sculptures at Citygarden.

Betty Moore
Photographer / Artist