Inspiration for Paintings of Tower Grove Park

The Ruins at Tower Grove Park

Hello everyone,

Fall is one of my favorite seasons with nature offering brilliant displays of color throughout the St. Louis area. I often visit 
Tower Grove Park, a municipal park in the city of St. Louis. Most of its land was donated to the city by Henry Shaw in 1868. It sits on 289 acres adjacent to the Missouri Botanical Garden, another of Shaw's legacies. The park, in any season, offers wonderful opportunities to explore its design, foliage, sculptures and architecture. Here are some of my fall paintings inspired by this historic park.

The Ruins - Limestone from the remains of the old Lindell Hotel was stacked in Tower Grove Park, following a design by Henry Shaw, and transformed into artificial ancient ruins, complete with a three-tiered, cast-iron fountain on a small island in the center of Fountain Pond. I used a photograph that Bob took as a reference for this painting, done in 2005. A family of geese rushes forward, hoping for a few bread crumbs. The brush strokes are loose with an impressionistic approach. His photograph of The Ruins (2004) was printed on canvas and hangs in the St. Louis License Collector's office.

Fall Glow - Built in 1871, the year before Tower Grove Park opened, the Humboldt South Pavilion is one of four Victorian shelters designed by Eugene Greenleaf. The very popular picnic spot is named for the nearby statue of Alexander von Humboldt, a German naturalist and explorer. I was inspired to paint the pavilion surrounded by dazzling fall foliage. The brush strokes are thick and playful, like an autumn breeze rustling the leaves.

Autumn Glow - T
ower Grove Park is home to over 7,000 trees made up of 325 different species, including a white mulberry planted by Henry Shaw, a 55-foot catalpa with unique form, and several other species that are rare in the area. The rich diversity of the park's trees is greater than any other urban park in the country. This grove of trees glows with the afternoon sun highlighting the colorful fall foliage, casting deep shadows across the path. The brush strokes are thick, creating a mosaic of color.

I hope you enjoy our work and explore the collection featuring my original oil paintings. Next time, I will add a few images of new oil paintings, inspired by my trip to Santa Fe, NM. Commissions are always welcome. Please message me or send email to inquire.

Betty Moore
Photographer / Artist