Mark Your Calendar for Charity Art Show and Sale This Friday, July 31, 7pm (CST)

After several weeks of working on paintings for my Live Charity Art Show and Sale, 7pm (CT), this Friday, July 31, to benefit MS, it was time to clean the palette.

Before I scrapped the globs of oil paint off the glass palette, I decided to take a picture. The palette is almost like a road map with markers to point the direction ahead or figure out where you've been. Although each painting is very different, there are similarities. Orange and blue has dominated several of the pieces in the series with a Southwestern theme.

The last painting on the easel next to the palette, "Spring Flood Along the Rio Grande" (8" x 10" on linen panel) has crisp white rapids and green foliage along the swollen river. The muddy water had overflowed the banks about twenty-five feet below the rest stop along the highway. In the distance you can see the road we traveled on our way to reach the trailhead, where we hiked to the south rim of the Rio Grande and stood at the edge of the plateau, now looking down several hundred feet at the raging river below.

As I mixed the paint, I reminisced about that road trip to New Mexico last year with my sisters. The color of the skies ranged from a bright blue to almost a turquoise blue. I ended up painting the skies several times just to get the right color. The Paleoproterozoic granitic plutonic rock formations (yes, I looked it up) formed over thousands years were fascinating to paint. The terrain was filled with colorful spring flowers and every shade of green. Three of the paintings are on stretched canvas. Four paintings were done on a grey linen on board.

I hope you'll join me this Friday to see all seven (7) paintings in their beautiful gold plein air frames. These original oil paintings will be available at a special price for my VIPs (subscribers to my newsletter) during the event, which will held live on Facebook.

You'll be able to select a painting and leave a "Sold" and its "Number" in the comments. Then you can direct message me with your email and mailing address and let me know the number of the painting you selected for that someone special. (Maybe you!) Stay tuned for a special announcement.

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If everything goes well, there will be a video of the event on fb so you can watch later. Following the show, I will add the paintings to a special page at