Nature Heals the Soul

While searching through my library for calming photos to send you, I found this image of a snowy white Egret. Several years ago, Bob and I were in Forest Park shooting images for a commissioned book on the attractions of St. Louis. Unfortunately, the book was canceled, but I now have a wonderful collection of photos and great memories to share. 

This scene of the Egret has also found its way into several of my paintings, "The Water Spirit" and "Deer Lake Riffles in Forest Park."

I remember the Egret standing alone - calm, graceful and very patient. It seemed undeterred by the boisterous calls of the other birds coming and going along the riffles.

In this photo, the reflection of the bird and the grasses were altered slightly with a soft summer breeze moving across the water. I thought about the impact of this pandemic on the lives of so many as we struggle to maintain some sense of balance and optimism.

The Egret's noble disposition and calmness in the middle of all the activity seemed to embody the healing power of Nature. I found myself breathing a little easier and smiling as I recalled how wonderful it was to spend a quiet afternoon in the park.

Nature can heal our souls. Viewing the solitude and peacefulness of this image has made me even more determined to focus on staying safe and healthy, both mentally and physically. 
It is my sincere hope that these images will bring you some respite from the chaos. And, it you can make it to a park, just take the time to look, listen and wait very patiently.

Elizabeth (Betty) Moore