New Paintings Fresh Off the Easel


When I started this challenge, January 25, to create 30 paintings in 30 days, I was so energized to work in the studio everyday. After the first few paintings, I decided to research images from the collection of St. Louis Photos and make selections that focused on a St. Louis theme.

Landscapes featuring some of our beautiful parks seemed very fitting for this project and wouldn't take much time to do each day. Easy, peasy, right?

I discovered mixing paint for each painting was so relaxing at first. Then things became very complicated as I began developing some of the ideas. Somehow my main palette was covered with little piles of paint and I was thoroughly cleaning my brushes every few hours. On one painting, I used four sheets of glass and spent hours redoing sections.

And, there were a few paintings that almost brought me to tears because the paint was smearing or the proportions were really off or the colors were not working. Still, I pushed on, determined to finished this commitment.

Yesterday started off great. It was snowing and I was excited to paint a Mardi Gras theme. Soon, the painting session turned ugly and I wiped off several hours of work. I put the paint brushes down and decided to make a very large cup of tea. While waiting for the tea to brew, I thought about how fortunate I was just to be able to paint in a studio that I love and have the support of family, fellow artists and loyal collectors. I also reflected on the reason I doing this challenge - to sell some of my paintings to raise funds for Meals on Wheels.

Returning to the studio with a renewed sense of purpose, I cleaned the palette and began organizing the paint. I could immediately see results. My breathing became more relaxed and the paint just seemed to flow.  'Laissez les bons temps rouler.'

Thank you for letting me ramble a bit. I just finished Day 24 and what seemed impossible a few days ago, is now nearly complete. I hope you have enjoyed the journey with me as I explore new ideas and different concepts.

To see all the paintings to date, please visit St. Louis Photos and Fine Art Gallery