"Ollie, Where's My Shoe?"

Ollie, Where's My Shoe?
"Ollie, Where's My Shoe?", a 9.5" x 7" pencil sketch by Elizabeth (Betty) Moore

This energetic, fun-loving pet was a joy to draw as part of my daily sketching routine. As I added highlights over several sessions to the portrait of "Ollie", I recalled the many times he has greeted me at the door after barking loudly to let the family know I had arrived. He would wag his tail and jump up to try and lick my face. Then, with equal enthusiasm, he would pick up the nearest shoe and run. It was all a game to him with the advantage that he could hide under the table.

They recounted stories of Ollie learning how to get attention without getting into too much trouble. When everyone was talking or busy, he would quietly gather up loose shoes and line them up near his perch on the couch or under the coffee table. Soon his playful antics would be discovered. "Ollie, where's my shoe?" He would perk up his ears and just look at you with those big brown eyes as if to respond like a teenager, "Whaaaat?" 

Trying to get a quick photo of Ollie as a reference for a sketch was also a challenge. As I approached with my iphone, he would playfully run away or rollover for a belly rub. I have a great appreciation for photographers who can capture the personality of animals, especially pets, using high end cameras.

Betty Moore

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