Self-Portrait Completes the Challenge

Hey there,

It’s been an amazing experience completing 30 paintings in 30 days.

At times, I was thrilled with the painting for the day. But there also times, I was frustrated that the colors weren’t right, or the perspective was totally off or I was really not at my best.

Scrapping off several hours work on several paintings kept me humble and even more determined to keep going. I have learned so much as an artist, working with my Rosemary brushes and water soluble oils from Winsor and Newton.

I deeply appreciate all the support of my family, fellow artists and loyal collectors who have come along on this journey.

I’m also deeply grateful for the wisdom of my Dad who said, “Please be mindful of the needs of others.” Although I began this project inspired by Senator Bernie Sanders and his contributions to Meals On Wheels, the motivation to finish was to honor the memory of my Dad.

I would also like to extend my thanks to all those who joined me in this challenge and submitted ideas and even photos to consider. As promised, at the end of the challenge, I used Google's random generator to draw the name of one person who would win the painting they suggested. Congratulations Mary M. I will be sending your painting, along with a certificate of authenticity.

Many of the paintings are still available for purchase. I will be donating 20% of sales to Meals On Wheels. If you see one you like, don't delay in making your selection before it's too late.. Visit St. Louis Photos and Fine Art Gallery