Sketching Challenge for the New Year

Sketching Challenge for the New Year

Prince, from a reference photo by Missouri photographerKaren Broemmelsick
Hello everyone,

Recently, I attempted to draw freehand while watching my granddaughter ride her horse. It was a disaster. Drawing used to be so easy and flowing. What I ended up with after an hour was crude and rather embarrassing.

This year, I made a resolution to spend some time drawing every day in 2020 to become a better artist. I bought my first sketch book, pencils, a good eraser and began my personal challenge by redrawing “Simon” (8.5” x 11”), from a photo I had taken after the riding session. He seemed to be smiling from the loving grooming and treats. It was reassuring to be able to render his gentle temperament.. 

Sketching the muscles and bone structure of "Prince" (8.5” x 11”), from a reference photo of a German walking horse by Missouri photographer Karen Broemmelsick, almost had me in tears. But I'm pretty stubborn and after several attempts, I began to see the horse come alive on the page with it's princely attitude. It's a humbling experience, but I think I have found my stride.

Sketching "Beauty" (8.5” x 11”), was a challenge to add dramatic highlights and texture in the facial hair. Took a bit longer than planned, but I tend to be a perfectionist. I'm hoping that sketching these horses will help me with the large oil painting I started back in November.

I was fascinated by the details in so many of the paintings I saw last week in the "Dutch Painting in the Age of Rembrandt" exhibit at the Saint Louis Art Museum. Many paintings featured ordinary life and farm animals. The sketch of "Rooster" (3.5” x 5.5”), is based on a photo of my sister's prize rooster. He was keeping a sharp eye on me as I tried to take a photo of the hens, so I kept a safe distance from his spurs.

So delighted to learn this elegant rooster has a name. I decided to add another view and sketched "Sunday Dinner" with one of the hens under his care in the hen house.

Learning to draw again, while training my hand to work with my brain is going to be much more challenging than playing games on my iPhone. Stay tuned!

Betty Moore
Artist / Photographer

P.S. The two 3.5" x 5.5" sketches of the rooster are double matted to fit an 11" x 15" frame and available. Send me an email if interested.