Sledding on Art Hill in Forest Park

Sledding on Art Hill in Forest Park

It was 18 degrees when Bob and I went to Art Hill in Forest Park to take photos of hundreds of families and friends enjoying the fresh snow on colorful sleds or anything that would slide.

Sledding on Art Hill has been one of the most popular winter events in St. Louis since the 1904 World's Fair. On this frigid day in 2013, the park was filled with people enjoying a variety of activities including walking their dogs, running, skating or just "people watching."

After an hour or so photographing and dodging the enthusiastic runs down the hill into the hay bales at the bottom, we headed back to the car. Walking through the deep snow was strenuous. I stopped to catch my breath and turned around to photograph the Saint Louis Art Museum, considered the "crown" jewel" of the 1,370-acre park. The building was designed by famed architect Cass Gilbert as the Palace of Fine Arts and is one of the few remaining buildings from the 1904 World's Fair.

We spent the rest of the morning, taking pictures of the snow-covered Pagoda Island in front of The Muny and geese swimming in the ice-covered pond at The Ruins in Tower Grove Park.

The shadows on the snow formed interesting patterns. It was a fun, magical day playing in the snow with memories I treasure.

The "Sledding on Art Hill" photo in B/W was selected for the 250STL book and one of 250 photos in the "The City at 250: A Celebration of St. Louis in Photographs" exhibit at the Sheldon Art Gallery in 2014.

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Happy Holidays,
Betty Moore
Photographer / Artist