Standing for Freedom, Justice and Equality



"Standing for Freedom", photo of Dred and Harriet Scott by Bob Moore, photographer


This email has been especially difficult to write. The past few weeks has seen the struggles of African Americans against racism and injustice surface in most profound ways. The Black Lives Matter movement has brought together people of all races and across the globe to demand changes, to demand equality, to demand freedom from oppression and to demand the right to live and raise their families in peace.

I chose this image Bob Moore took of the bronze sculpture of Dred and Harriet Scott in front of the Historic Old Courthouse, that was dedicated on June 8, 2012. The statue, a gift of the Dred Scott Heritage Foundation, was created by sculpture Harry Weber.

The description on the plague reads:
"Dred and Harriet Scott filed suit for their freedom at this courthouse in 1848. Their case reached the United States Supreme Court and was decided in 1857. The court ruled that the Scotts and all African Americans were not citizens of the United States. Opposition to the decision was one of the causes of the Civil War and led to the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth amendments to the Constitution. The Scotts' struggle for freedom stands as a defining moment in the history of the Civil Rights Movement."

The Historic Old Courthouse is currently closed due to COVID-19. Its image reflected in nearby banks, is a reminder that African Americans have also been denied financial equality in mortgage loans, business loans and employment opportunities. The struggle will continue until this systemic oppression is eradicated.

As a Black American, Bob did not let racism deter him from his dream of being a great photographer. He marched with Martin Luther King, Jr. in Detroit. He fought for equality while working for a major daily. His vision was guided by strong ethics and progressive thinking in launching a music newspaper in the seventies and an internet-only publication on St. Louis in the nineties.

In memory of my husband Bob, I will continue to make art and to advocate for change.

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Betty Moore
Photographer / Artist