"Tree-mendous Road Trip"


Adventurous road trips, however well planned, can provide delightful challenges. Last year, I enjoyed a road trip with two of my sisters through colorful Colorado to New Mexico, the land of enchantment.

Along the way, my front row view from the passenger seat provided me with wonderful opportunities to see how fast my camera could shoot out the window at a decent speed of 65 mph or more.

The landscape was breathtaking with bright blue skies and dramatic cloud formations. Lone trees stood sentry over vast acres of land where decaying structures were the only remnants of homesteads on abandoned ranches. 

"Hey, can you slow down just a bit so I can focus on that tree," was asked many times and willingly granted. "Hey, can you shoot those trees," was requested from the back seat passenger just as often.

"I see hawks." "Did catch those antelope?" "Where?" "Over, there, just beyond the hill." "Slow down, deer in the ditch." "Wow, look at those clouds." "Oh, oh, lightning and dark sky ahead." "Are we there yet?"

The five hour trip to New Mexico began in the snow-covered mountains near Denver, through fog and low clouds on the highway, several thunderstorms ending in rainbows and into the arid sage-covered landscape near Taos. Memories of the "Tree-mendous Road Trip" will last a lifetime. 

Hope you enjoy these images. I will be adding more images from the road trip to New Mexico in the near future. View these photos in "Landscapes"at stlouisphotos.com and use the Augmented Reality (AR) tool to see how they would look on one of your walls. Please feel free to drop me a note if you have any questions or suggestions.