We're All in This Together (Six Feet Apart)

"We're All In This Together"
(Six Feet Apart)
"A Pleasant Afternoon Among the Nymphs" (48" x 30") oil painting in progress by Elizabeth (Betty) Moore

April 7, 2020

How are you doing? As a non-essential worker (my biggest thanks to all of you that are out there keeping the country going ❤️), I'm fortunate to be safely here in the studio working on new artwork and generally just resisting the temptation to go a little bit stir-crazy.

I'm current working on an oil painting, "A Pleasant Afternoon Among the Nymphs", from my reference photo of the incredibly beautiful waterlilies that fill the ponds every summer in front of the Jewel Box in Forest Park.

I chose to paint the waterlilies during this time when many people are trying to figure out how to survive. The waterlily's botanical name nymphaea, refers to those Greek nature goddesses, the nymphs. The blooms also represent purity, spiritual rebirth and healing.

I use water-based oils, which are environmentally friendly and easy to wash out of my clothes. My sister Jeanne lovingly custom-designed and sewed my artist apron and even embroidered my "Artist In Bloom" logo on the pocket. This painting also reminds me to wash my hands frequently :)

In this moment, I'm struck by how vital artwork is in setting the tone of our home environments. The colors and images on our walls can make a bedroom a calming sanctuary, or a dining-room-turned-home-office more inspiring to sit down in everyday.

I'm also lowering my prices this week to make it a bit more affordable to improve your surroundings (and, let's be honest, a little easier to support a small art business like mine!) 

The "Going Stir-Crazy" Sale will get you 20% off your order site-wide plus free shipping through April 14, 2020. 

If you have a spot in your home that could stand to be beautified with a new work of art, such as the "Pink Waterlily Nymphs", please consider placing an order this week while my prices are lower.

in return, I would love if you could take those savings and share that money with your community. Go to a local restaurant, go to a local shop owner, donate to any local charities that are helping those most affected by this virus. 

Of course, the savings are yours to use as you please. I am just hoping that we can all help each other out if we are able to. 

Stay safe! We're all in this together (six feet apart). 

Elizabeth (Betty) Moore

Waterlily Nymphs, an original oil painting by Elizabeth (Betty) Moore